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27th Goya Awards

Last Sunday February 17th it took place in Spain’s capital city the Goya Awards, which reward the effort of Spanish cinematography every year since 1987. Along that time, they have become a very important reference of Cinema worldwide. In fact, they are among the five best considered film awards in the world.

The name of these awards stands for the Spanish painter Francisco de Goya. They are comprised by a total of 28 categories, which include Best European Film and Best Ibero-American Film as a reward to foreign work.

The gala was presented by the comedian Eva Hache that also did it the last year.

The great winner in this edition has been the film “Blancanieves” (Snow White), directed by Pablo Berger, which has won a total of ten awards and was nominated in 18 categories. This film, that is silent and black and white, was also a candidate to participate at the Oscars as Best Foreign Film, but in the end it was not selected by the Academy.

In the 2011 edition of the Goya Awards, the winner was "No Rest For The Wicked", directed by Enrique Urbizu. This film won six Goya awards, including Best Film and Best Director.

"No Rest For The Wicked" original poster

Another film that actually succeeded was “The Impossible”, directed by J.A. Bayona. This film, that is known worldwide, is actually candidate to one Accademy Award for Naomi Watts in the category of Best Actress in a Leading Role. In the Goya Awards, “The Impossible” finally won 5 prizes, including Best Director. Tom Holland was one of the nominees as Best New Actor, and that is why he attended the gala, but finally did not won. Bayona announced there his next production at Hollywood. This Spanish director gave his prize to María Belón, who inspired “The Impossible” story. As well, María announced that she would throw the award to the sea, because metaphorically it is the place where it came from.

"The Impossible" original poster

There is a special category called “Honour Goya”, that has been dedicated to the Spanish actress Concha Velasco for her outstanding work along her filmography, because she had never won a Goya before.

The 27th Goya Awards were full of social and political demands by some guests, including Javier Bardem. Also, the president of the Spanish Film Accademy, Enrique González Macho, criticized the increase of the taxes on film tickets and the piracy. He said: “The Cinema owns to everyone”.

The actress Penélope Cruz was also nominated for her role at "Twice Born", but could not attend because she is currently pregnant.

Here you have a full list of Goya Awards winners by categories:

- Best Film: “Blancanieves” (Snow White) by Pablo Berger
- Best Director: Juan Antonio Bayona for “The Impossible”
- Best New Director: Enrique Gato “The Adventures of Tadeo Jones”
- Best Original Screenplay: “Blancanieves” (Snow White) by Pablo Berger
- Best Adapted Screenplay: “The Adventures of Tadeo Jones”, written by Javier Barreira, Gorka Megallón, Ignacio del Moral, Jordi Gasull and Neil Landau
- Best Original Music: “Blancanieves” (Snow White) by Alfonso de Villalonga
- Best Original Song: No te puedo encontrar (I Can’t Find You) from “Blancanieves” (Snow White)
- Best Actor in a Leading Role: José Sacristán for “The Dead Man and Being Happy”.
- Best Actress in a Leading Role: Marivel Verdú for “Blancanieves” (Snow White)
- Best Supporting Actor: Julián Villagrán for “Grupo 7“ (Unit 7)
- Best Supporting Actress: Candela Peña for “Una pistola en cada mano” (One Gun On Each Hand)
- Best New Actor: Joaquín Núñez for “Grupo 7” (Unit 7)
- Best New Actress: Macarena García for “Blancanieves” (Snow White)
- Best Production Supervision: Sara Hermida Muñiz for “The Impossible”
- Best Cinematography: Kiko de la Rica for “Blancanieves” (Snow White)
- Best Editing: Elena Ruiz and Bernat Vilaplana for “The Impossible”.
- Best Art Direction: Alain Bainée for “Blancanieves” (Snow White)
- Best Costume Design: Paco Delgado for “Blancanieves (Snow White)
- Best Make Up and/or Hairstyles: Sylvie Imbert and Bermín Galán for “Blancanieves (Snow White)
- Best Sound: Peter Glossop, Marc Orts and Oriol Tarragó for “The Impossible”
- Best Special Effects: Pau Costa and Félix Bergés for “The Impossible”
- Best Animated Film: “The Adventures of Tadeo Jones” by Enrique Gato
- Best Documentary Film: “Hijos de las nubes; la última colonia” (Sons Of The Clouds The Last Colony)
- Best Ibero-American Film: “Juan Of The Dead” by Alejandro Brugués
- Best European Film: “The Intouchables” by Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache
- Best Fictional Short Film: “Aquel no era yo” (That Was Not Me) by Esteban Crespo García
- Best Animated Short Film: “El vendedor de humo” (The Smoke Seller) by Jaime Maestro
- Best Documentary Short Film: “A Story For The Modlins” by Sergio Oksman

From here, I want to congratulate all the winners and the one who did not have the opportunity but are still happy.

Probably next year we will be able to see Pedro Almodóvar and Alex de la Iglesia receiving some awards because they will première their films this year and they are quite promising.

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