Friday, 30 November 2012

"The Impossible" by J.A. Bayona

“Close your eyes and think of something beautiful”

“The Impossible” is a Spanish drama movie directed in 2012 by Juan Antonio Bayona, also known for directing “The Orphanage” (“El orfanato”). Both movies were written by Sergio G. Sánchez. “The Impossible” is starred by not only Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor but also by the English actor Tom Holland, who is sixteen years old. All of them make a brilliant role, but the young one is especially relevant for his short career.

This movie tells the story of a happy family of one couple and their three children that will be surprised by a huge tsunami that occurs during their holidays on a luxury resort in Thailand. After that catastrophe, the family will try to survive and recover from that frustrating happening, but they will have to fight and find many obstacles.

The story is based on a true story that actually happened on 26 December 2004, when after the natural disaster, there were approximately 186.983 deaths and 42.883 disappearances.

The main topic is solidarity. And that is indeed what Lucas (Tom Holland) learns across this moving featured movie.

This is a highly marketable product, and this is not necessarily bad. It just depends on your likes concerning cinema. Indeed, “The Impossible” is now known worldwide. Some days ago, “The New York Times” dedicated one article to talk about this movie, as you can see in the picture below.

There is no need to say that this is a big production movie, and you can realize that from the first minute of the screening. It has counted with $45 million according to Dark Horizons.

I believe that although there are too many handheld takes, which is sometimes uncomfortable for the spectator, there are many other nicely recorded takes and scenes. I would like to detach those takes played in slow motion, because they are really shocking.

Moreover, the soundtrack (including music, sounds and voices), is brilliant. It just helps the spectator to sail out in the story and to increase emotions.

The shooting started on August 2012, and finally, “The Impossible” was released in Spain on 11 October 2012. After that, it was released in Italy on 25 October 2012 and in France on 21 November 2012. It will be released in the United States on December 21, 2012 by Sunmit Entertainment.

To end up, I just recommend you to watch this outstanding Spanish film that has already been a success on the countries where it has been released. There is no doubt that this movie will create a big tsunami at the worldwide box offices.

During this movie, there are some extraordinary scenes, but you should always remember that sometimes the impossible can become possible.


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