Saturday, 4 May 2013

"Up In The Air" by Bartholomew Cubbins

"This is a portrait of a tortured you and I"

Three skulls in the new Trinity logo. A man approaching to the drums. Another man approaching to a guitar on the floor. An empty space. A wolf running. A pink mechanical bull. A ring rolling. A man surrounded by flies. Pink powders. A zebra in a blue background.

So begins “Up In The Air” music video clip, directed in 2013 by Bartholomew Cubbins, that is the nickname for Jared Leto.

It will be included on the disc “Love Lust Faith + Dreams” which release date is May 21 through Virgin Records. In fact, at the beginning of the song those feelings are mentioned.

The video clip does not appear to have a main topic or to tell a story. It is compounded of numerous shoots which do not seem to be related among them. However, there are two things that are constantly repeated: sports and animals, such as wolfs, bees, zebras, snakes, lions, butterflies, etcetera.

In some scenes, there are people throwing powders of different colours that may be famous now because they have been used before in other videos such as Pink’s “Try”. Actually, they give an impressive sensation when it is up in the air.

“Up in the air” stars the three members of “Thirty Seconds To Mars”: Tomo Milicevic, Jared Leto and his brother Shannon Leto. Moreover, there are also other people appearing, like Dita Von Teese, Damien Hirst, Jordyn Wieber, McKayla Maroney, Maxwell Snow, Ashley Smith, Anastasia Krivosheeva, Harlow von Brethren, Natalie Loren, Neil Strauss, etcetera.

The most relevant fact about the direction of photography is that there are two colours prevailing, which are pink and blue. They could be interpreted as the contrast between men and women, but it is a little bit confusing.

Concerning the cinematography, the rhythm could be the most detachable thing. The shoots are short-lasting and greatly shot. There is a lot of movement of the people and the objects appearing, and that makes the video agile and eye-catching. Some takes are reproduced in slow motion and others are backwards. It has a panoramic format.

To conclude, “Up In The Air” video clip is quite entertaining and has interesting facts and it has some characteristics similar to other video creations by Bartholomew Cubbins, but maybe this is not the best one.

“Warning. This video may cause viewers with photo sensitive epilepsy and other similar types of conditions to potentially experience seizures. Viewer discretion is advised.”


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